Breif History

  • 1960 Ming Chang – The company was founded in 1960, which devoted in ceramic tile.
  • 1988 Ming Crown – After 1988, the name of the company was changed from Ming Chang to Ming Crown. And started to engage in carpet.
  • 2007 – Merged the subordinate companies, Wonhome, York and Tong Hua, limited liability companies to establish “Wonhome” corporation in 2007.
  • 2013 – Wonhome moved to the present address in Renwu.

Corporate Mottos

  • In Chinese:
    Customer is like God, we live to service. Colleges are angel, with smile to one another.
  • In Taiwanese:
    The boss should be generous, the leader should be passionate, employee should be energetic. There is the hope only if we work together.

Management Idea

  • Concept of management: Simple, Efficient, Focus
  • Core Value: Honesty
  • Vision: Make profits and help others
  • Competitive Advantage:Realize market demand, Quality Assurance, Our company has highly adaptable to diversified conditions.

Brand Image

  • Wonhome makes you feel like that you are at home, and put you in a good mood
  • Wonhome is a painter and magician of hous

Corporate Outreach

  • Our company does not only serve the customer, we also do corporate outreach for the community.
    We sustain the attitude of “Putting ourselves in other people’s shoes”.
  • Donation: to the underprivileged minority regularly and disaster relief such as Taiwan Foundation for Rare Disorders, House of the angels, Jia Mu tribe and so on.
  • Collaboration with School: Our company collaborated with KUAS in September, 2013. We invited students from cultural creative insdustries to design some wonderful gifts and paint one side of our wall.


  • Upgrade the quality of service, and strengthen the quality of personnel.
  • Raise wages, benefits and being helpful to the industry.
  • Develop high quality products, providing service everywhere in Taiwan and connect with the global market.